What is a VGA monitor cable?

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The connectors normally have screws to add the actual cable securely for the computer and furthermore the monitor. These kinds of include technologies such best video infant monitor as Digital Visual Interface (DVI), an electronic cable much like a VGA cable using white connectors along with 29 pins, as well as HDMI, an electronic digital cable which is capable of carrying audio too as video signals.

A VGA monitor cable usually will be black using blue connectors which have 15 pins each. Amongst the most common are D-Sub, D-Sub 15, RGB connector, video connector and also DB-15.

Newer video cables are usually replacing VGA monitor cables on newer monitors. Elektronik

A Video Graphics Array (VGA) monitor cable connects a new computer's video card VGA port to a similar port on the VGA or even SVGA monitor so that video can become shown in it.

VGA monitor cables are usually even now used, however DVI and also HDMI are generally growing inside popularity because involving their digital natures.

Adapters can easily be bought (or could occur using certain hardware) to connect any VGA monitor into a DVI port on the computer's graphics card, or vice versa.

Other Video Cables


Pinouts: DB15 VGA pinout

VGA monitor cables are normally referred for you to simply by many various names. These kind of signals include red, green and blue levels, as well as horizontal along with vertical sync data.

DDWG: Digital Visual Interface



Alternate Names


. for visual aid, see the image above.


A VGA monitor cable carries the analog signals in the computer in which tell the monitor things to display

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